I Slay Sickle Cell Disease

What can I do to raise awareness? 

Donate to sickle cell research, wear awareness merch, & spread information.

How is Sickle Cell inherited?

SCD is inherited when both parents have either SCD or the SC trait. If one parent has the SCD it is still possible to pass the trait onto the child. 

When was Sickle Cell discovered?

The first medical case was recorded in the early 1900s in Chicago when a dental student sought medical attention for anemia. 

Who does Sickle Cell predominately affect?

It predominantly affects West Africans and African American descendants from the region as well as Southeastern asians, & Mediterranean people.

How is Sickle Cell treated?

A cure is still in early stages and very exclusive for those ineligible Blood transfusions, organ removal, & medications.

Where can I get tested for the Sickle Cell trait?

If you have a primary care provider you can request a blood test, your local health dept may also offer the test.