Kutana started her clothing line to leave a legacy for her children, and with hopes to uplift & inspire other women to feel good about being your authentic self!

 “Divalyfe Live it! Love it!”

Divalyfe began hosting shopping events, participating in fashion shows, and photo shoot collaborations with various photographers, body paint artists and even secured a deal with Xclusive vodka! to raise awareness for sickle cell disease. 

Advocating for this disease has become her main focus after losing vision in her left eye. Her dream is to raise money for screening awareness commercials provide mobile testing sites , and to be able to provide resources to men, women & children that are suffering with this disease. 

After working in the customer service & mortgage industry for over 12 years, she decided to step out on faith and walk away from her corporate job to follow her dreams of moving to Atlanta in 2013 to expand her business. Presently residing in Muskegon, MI. 

Kutana was born & raised in Palatka FL, where she grew up battling  Sickle Cell Disease(Hemoglobin SC). 

It has been her lifelong dream to gain awareness, & help others have a better understanding of what sickle cell warriors go through as they battle crises  & living day to day with this painful disease.


 Kutana has since started I SLAY Sicklecell Disease, a non profit organization dedicated to promote unity and outreach within the communities of people affected by sickle cell conditions, as well as for the purpose of empowering, uplifting and educating men, women and children living with (SCD) Sickle Cell Disease. Our goal is to cultivate productive community engagement and to provide support services for vulnerable adults and their families..

You can support by purchasing tshirts, water bottle, and other items on the divalyfe website. All of the proceeds will be donated to I SLAY Sickle Cell Disease!

Please join our Sickle Cell Warriors in raising money & spreading awareness for this disease by sponsoring our upcoming events.





Through it all we’ve remained true to our brand, encouraging you to be bold, fierce, and confident in your everyday lyfe.