About Us

Divalyfe was created by Kutana Council, in 2011. At the time Kutana was a wife, mother to 2 young kids, and she worked full-time  for a bank corporation underwriting loans and mortgages. In the office she was nicknamed Ku-yoncé as she was known for her diva-like personality. Not only did she embrace this, she made it a way of lyfe.


In her free time she began to curate a t-shirt line with a goal to inspire women to be themselves. As time went on she expanded her collection from the classic Divalyfe print tee to rhinestone tees, short sets, under garments, & more shirts designed with affirmations on them.



In 2014, her daughter Jasmine became the creative director & face of Divalyfe.


Divalyfe began hosting shopping events, participating in fashion shows, and photo shoot collaborations with various photographers, body paint artists and even secured a deal with Xclusive vodka!


Through it all we’ve remained true to our brand, encouraging you to be bold, fierce, and confident in your everyday lyfe.